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Dexter is a lovely lovely serial killer

Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay

I love this book. I wanted to hug it so much.


In the first 10 pages, Dexter is already on his first kill. A deserved Catholic priest who had raped and murdered children from orphanages that he helped run.


So many Catholic priests deserve to meet their end instead being hidden in the powerful evil religious institution called the Catholic Church. 


Just lovely. 


Reading this for Serial Spree Killer square for Halloween Bingo. 3 more books to bingo. 


Deb is more beautiful in this book when compare to the TV series. 


Serial Killer who had a code and just killed bad people is like the cleaner of the Earth. As I'm anti-death-penalty. It is a contradiction. That mean in my mind, I like to see justice and the current system is not really good enough for that. So, a serial killer who killed child rapist is good, after reading thousands of Catholic priests got away from being charged with child rape. 


Like Batman, we need the kind of justice that could not be found in real life. That's why I like Jack Reacher, that is why I like Dexter.