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Binti is 16 and running off to university

Binti - Nnedi Okorafor

Not my cup of tea. Reading this for Diverse Voices square for Halloween Bingo.


This is a short book. 


First quarter of the book is Binti internal dialogue on leving home for the firat time.


The only way the readers know it is a sci-fi book is that he run away in a flying shuttle and landed in a spaceship.


Then things moved quickly. There is an attack on the ship. Everyone died except for Binti and the pilot. 


Things got more interesting after that.


Things that bugged me about this book.


Binti prayed. If humans could travel and then moved to another planet and still has this nasty habit of praying to an imagery god, I would be very disappointed. 


Also, the negotiating peace just need translation is a bit strange. No one asked why so many students were killed.