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Reuben is going to be a father

The Wolves of Midwinter - Anne Rice

That's kind of it. 


The first half of the book is about Reuben being a lover and then finding out that he is also going to be a father when he got his ex-gf pregnant. 




This sounds like soap tv. 


The overuse of "I love you" in the first half kind of make it not so good as a story as there isn't much reason why.


Oh. Reuben is being haunted. And the fairies come out of the woodwork and offer help.




Not much action for the Wolf Man except for having sex. Disappointing. 


Reading this for Werewolf square for Halloween bingo. 


Reuben current girlfriend went and turned herself into a werewolf so that they could be together forever.


In the middle of the books. Party is thrown.


Also, these werewolf like to hunt and eat bad people. That's not exactly bad except that with all the money Reuben has, shouldn't he do more than having a bit killer fun with the bad guys? 


As it turned out his brother Jim has a dark history, that going to give a twist to the story.


Plus some ritual that was interrupted by someone dear to Reuben. A minor details.




Reuben is loved and he thrown party and have sex with who he loves and get ex-gf pregnant. 


And Reuben has a new pack that he go out and hunt, kill and eat with. 


Like a guys night out with teeth and claws. 


Not much of a story. Therefore, not good enough for anyone to care what happen to Reuben. There is no tension, no fight, not struggle. Reuben is taking a ride of a good life, or even better life as a werewolf.