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Infectious disease turn human into torch

The Fireman: A Novel - Joe Hill

Harper is a nurse and has helped patients who got this mysterious disease called dragon-scale.


It is a black coloring on the skin. The human who got it might got hot and then burn up, literally. 


Now Harper got it herself. And she is on the run to a refugee camp for those who are infected. Because out of fear, people who are not infected are killing those who had it. 


Worst, she is pregnant. By the jerk of a boyfriend of hers. 


Halfway through the book and we finally found out how this disease is being transmitted. 


The scary part is how religious the refugee camp is, creepy. 


IS there a cure? 


John is a man in a fireman suit. He also got the disease. But he could burn up without hurting himself. 


So there is a way to control this. It would turn humans into human torch, Johnny. 


I hope. As not much is happening except the killing. 


The writing is good. It is just not enough tension or action, at least not yet. 


The second half of the book went much faster. 


Harper is pregnant and is in a camp with religious persons of the Christianity brand. They go nuts and bullied Harper, and threatened to kick her out take her baby from her.


Christians are sheep who follow the nastiest persons as leaders. Carol in this case is a total bitch and threatened to kill a pregnant woman just so she could feel powerful. 


Religious persons are scarier than the Dragonscale that infected these people. 


So she run. With a deaf kid, a teenager and the wounded fireman John.


There are a lot of tension even for such a long book.