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Odd is chasing after a kidnapper

Forever Odd - Dean Koontz

The story is still good, but not as together as the first one.


Odd Thomas got a visit from a ghost and found one dead body and one missing friend. His friend David was missing and he thought he was kidnapped by his father.


Odd run around following only his intuition. The running around bit is a bit strange as he didn't know where he was going. 


Turned out David is kidnapped by someone else. Someone Odd didn't know about.


The story is good, but the clue is not enough to keep it together with that much run around. 


Half way through and he is already in danger. 


Reading this for  as it is set in America, and it is a horror story, not because of the ghosts. 


The kidnapper is just so much into conspiracy theory and supernatural stuff.


Odd see ghosts not because he wants to, but he is burn into it.