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3rd Bingo serial review

Read some good books for these 5 stars. And only one awful one. 




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  Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay  Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay 


Dexter is good serial killer. He only killed bad guys. Like the humors of the story telling. The relationship between Dexter and his recognition of him having psychopathic wants is really interesting. If psychopaths are born, but become more self-aware, they would potentially do less harm to the society at large.


Dexter is suffering from nightmare for this one. And there are killings and he began to question if he had killed, like sleepwalking without remembering when he was awake. 


Good storytelling. 



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 The Wolves of Midwinter - Anne Rice  The Wolves of Midwinter - Anne Rice  


I read The Wolves of Midwinter for Werewolves square. It was not so good for the first one and I should have known better. 


Well, it is about Reuben adjusting to his life as a werewolf. Not much is happening besides partying. He was haunted by a ghost, but it wasn't scary at all. Just disturbed by the reason why she is not moving on to the next level. So he called for help from the faeries. The faeries are not that interesting either. Also, he got his ex-girlfriend pregnant and paying her to continue the pregnancy. For some reason, he think he couldn't have a child with his current girlfriend. The current girlfriend has very little character besides being in love with him. So much so that she requested help to turn herself into a werewolf so that could be a pair. Not much is happening and it is boring.  


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 The Nowhere Man: An Orphan X Novel (Evan Smoak) - Gregg Hurwitz  The Nowhere Man: An Orphan X Novel (Evan Smoak) - Gregg Hurwitz  


Evan was a person trained to be an assassin since childhood by secret government agency.


He now uses his skill to help those who are helpless. 


Someone doing human trafficking kidnapped him, and tried to get money from him. He tried to find a way out, in time to help another one who was in transit.The fight scenes are pretty awesome. I read like a movie or a pretty good TV series. 


Enjoy this a lot. 



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  Demon Road - Derek Landy  Demon Road - Derek Landy  


Amber is 17 and she overheard her parents talking to their friends on how they would eat her. 


Eat her? Amber has really bad parents. It turned out their parents are demons and Amber is demon by birth. So by eating Amber, they would gain strength and power.


So what a teenager going to do? She run. She found a sympathetic auntie who helped her by asking another person to help her run. This person turned out to have supernatural property too. 


The run of the book is kind of a supernatural road trip that reminds me of Supernatural the TV series. 


The storytelling part is good. It is the beginning of a trilogy. 


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 The Fireman: A Novel - Joe Hill  The Fireman: A Novel - Joe Hill  


A mysterious disease is turning humans into human torch. People burned to dead and as they have not found out how the disease was being spread, they are afraid of getting this disease. 


Harper is a nurse who worked in the hospital serving those who are infected. She got the disease herself and now being hunted by her husband. 


Worst, she is pregnant and is hoping the child would not get this disease. 


Now there is fireman, and this fireman could control fire. It is a long book. As the story progress, the reader found out more about how this disease work, and how fear turned people who were not infected into mob. 


Really good read. Joe Hill is a really good storyteller. 


So, for these 5 squares, 4 good books and one not so good one. Not bad.