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R is with Julie and that is all that matter

The Burning World: A Warm Bodies Novel (The Warm Bodies Series) - Isaac Marion

R is a zombie. 


And he is alive now because of Julie. 


Some evil corporation Axiom. They fake a negotiation and killed off the community, pretended to help and then take over.


Evil humans. Good zombies.  


The language is good and keep it pretty real. Julie and R were kidnapped and tortured. And one guy released them because he wanted some answers from R. Julie thanks the guy and he snapped at Julie, saying that she is too naive to thanks the guy who had kidnapped and tortured her in the first place. Good point. 

First half of the book is interesting. R is fighting to know himself. As a zombie with stolen memory from Perry. But memory is not a person. So who is he really? 


In the meantime, Abram, the brother of Perry is trying to survive. The running around bit seems a bit pointless, Not every zombie could be turned into a thinking good zombie, that include family member of Julie. Still enjoyable. 


Reading this for the Dead will Walk square.