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Festive Task 1


Tasks for Día de Muertos and All Saint’s Day: create a short poem, or an epitaph for your most hated book ever.


Someone has already written about Twilight and 50 Shades Grey. I would like to add mine. 


The book I dislike (hate) the most is this "Secret". As it have given so much troubles with my friends who actually believe in this shit or similar things like that.

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne 


My reaction is this. The universe does not care about you. The universe does not give a flying fuck about you or your life, job, love life, weight, or planet or galaxy. 


It simply refer a personal inflated ego that thing the universe actually care about this one individual among one single specie. I just don't get how someone be that arrogant or self-centered. 



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And of course.  I have similar reaction when persons want to explain about their silly, bad, nonsense behavior by star sign. I dislike astrology just as much.


Not very popular among persons who believe in this shit. 


Following is the grave that this book should be buried with all other books about astrology. The future of the person is affected by their actions and other people's actions. No among of good or bad thoughts alone would not brought forth any possible or negative results. 


Here we go. The grave stone. 


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