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The Snowman: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 5) by Nesbo. Jo ( 2010 ) Paperback - Nesbo. Jo

As a Jo Nesbo fan, I'm excited that one of his Harry Hole book turned into movie.


What I dislike is the lack of tension, and the lack of explanation on what's going on so that the audience would know why this movie is called Snowman.


For those who have read the book, we know that the killer knew what Harry is up to, but why.


In the movie there isn't much build up of the characters or even dialogue. 


Why there is a snowman and what is in them?

Why Harry has such strange relationship with his ex?

Why Harry's new female partner seems to be tolerate him so much? Yet being cold to him at time?

Why he fall down on the street and lost consciousness? 

What it has to do with the old case?

Why is it important for him to solve the case?

The drinking part of Harry is just implied but we hardly see him drink in the movie.

Why Harry is famous that attracted the killer's attention in the first place?

The killer was in Harry's house with builder overall, why not reveal the identity of the killer then? In the book, the reader knows who Snowman is before Harry. And that's the tension. Without that, it is more like a police report without the drama.


As usual, Michael Fassbender is good as a detective Hole with the complexity and depth of emotion. But even good actor need dialogue and action and other actor to show their strength. This movie didn't give any of the actor much chance. The book is good, the script is not.