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How Dresden fight monsters and get an apprentice

Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher

Something magical and nasty is attacking people.


Michael's daughter is in trouble and she manipulated Dresden to help her. Her boyfriend Nelson was in jail and needed bail. 


It turned out that Molly's friend were in trouble when monsters attacked a convention that they were attending. Like a horror movies con and the monsters dressed as monsters in movies. 


Worst still, Michael is on the job and Dresden has to find help to fight monsters.


In the meantime, he got kidnapped. More trouble,


The story progress along fine. Just a bit jumpy here and there. 


It has explained why Michael's wife, Molly' mom Charity didn't like Dresden.


It also explained why Murphy and Dresden didn't hookup. 


Fast moving plot with Molly got kidnapped, rescue mission is a good way to build tension and move things along.


A solid 4 stars. Half star added for being so readable.