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John Puller is trying to find his mother's killer

No Man's Land - David Baldacci

No Man's Land is the first book I read of the John Puller series. It is really good with all the good detective story elements. 


Paul Roger is an ex-con and a killer. He is in search for the person who caused him his suffering and his lost of humanity. 


A seemingly unrelated story, Paul Puller's father, a general was accused by his wife's old friend for killing her 30 years ago. His son John is trying to find out who really killed his mother and cleared his mother's name.


The two person, Roger and John met at a bar when there was a shootout. John saved Roger's life. 


While we are at it. Roger is a military experience with extra strength and fast healing capability. Like a Wolverine but without the claws. But instead of good, he was also turned into a killer. 


Once their paths crossed, they found they had a common enemy who tried to killed both of them to stop them what their investigation. 


The rest is a lot of some NDE and shooting. 


Some other minor characters who are involved in this mess. A good story. Might try another one from this series.