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Is Leon really a killer?

The Nightwalker - Jaime Lee Searle, Sebastian Fitzek

The whole premise of the book is on Leon questioning himself, on his own action. Leon is a sleepwalker and he is afraid he has done something terrible in his sleep.


The setting up part is okay. With Leon running around and trying to find clue about himself. The not so good part is who is playing with Leon and why.



Leon thought he killed his wife. For the longest time, I know something is wrong with his wife Natalie. Leon seems to be doing what most guy do, work and try to build a life for himself. 


The nasty bits is on who is playing with Leon's life. Most scientists, even psychologists are not that nasty. The story is not the normal level of nastiness. This is unethical and Nazi wartime scientists type of human experiment level of nastiness. Too much to make it believable. It only shows the writer mistrust of scientists and not much else. Maybe it is just a plot device, but it failed big time. 

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The rest of the story is kind of okay. A 4 stars read.