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Amos Decker has hyperthymesia finding killer who killed his family

Memory Man (Amos Decker series) - David Baldacci

Amos Decker is a character created by David Baldacci. It is pretty good as it give a bit of dimension to the usual detective story. 


Amos was a cop but after losing his family to murder, he has fallen. Now he is getting back to more regular life when a high shooter was at large. 


Overweight and not really making any real connection in real life, Amos is a strange person. A very large strange person living with hyperthymesia, a condition of the brain after a football incident that ended his sport career. 


The plot is a bit odd. A killer is targeting Amos without telling him why. This interest is being revealed by words written on dead bodies and crime scenes. What's up with that? 


There isn't much fighting, car chase or what we normally called actions in this book.  

The clues are given by the killer to get Amos involved and invested in the case. So why all the killing? And why now? 


The writing is pretty smooth, and I like the details on people seeing colors or how it feel to see with numbers. 

The best bits about the storytelling is that Amos, as a persona of reasonable person, could not blame just the killer for killing his family. After he investigated and knew more about who the killer is, he blamed those who created this killer in the first place. This is more align with my own thinking. That if the killer is born this way, it is a disease. If the killer is born a certain way and the cruelty inflicted upon them have changed the persons and made them diseased, those who have inflicted these cruelty are to blame too. 


Solid 4.5 read.