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A year in reading books: 2017 Wrap-up

Total Book Read: 88

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Percentage of books read

Fiction 67%
Non-Fiction 2%
Young Adult Fiction 13%
Graphic Novel 6%
Children Book 10%


5 stars read - 38%
4 -4.5 stars read - 50%
3-3.5 stars read - 8%
0.5 -2.5 stars read - 5%


Detective stories dominate this year reading 

13 Jo Nesbo + 4 Michael Connelly + 3 Lee Child + 3 Harlan Coben + 2 J. K. Rowling +
2 Chris Pavone + 2 Andy McNab + 2 David Baldacci + 2 Gregg Hurwitz = A year of reading detective stories with 33 books in total 

Most significant is Jo Nesbo 

Jo Nesbo is probably my favorite writer this year as I had read 13 books in all, most of them 5 stars. 


Harry Hole is really a good character with dimension. The important of a creating a character is consistency and Jo Nesbo did a good job on this. The clues that plot twists is what kept a reader lime me interested. The love interest is just not a way to give the character something to do, but to add dimension. How these characters interact with each other made the story more believable. 


Reliable Michael Connelly 

Michael Connelly is a reliable writer with Harry Bosch as the main character. Harry is a good cop and have the old cop style of detective work. A lot of reading through old case file in finding clues and power of deduction in finding who-did-it. 

Harlan Coben is great with pilot twist 


Read Home and Darkest Hour of the Myron Bolitar series. Myron is such a likable character. Honest, boyish charm and honest. Myron is a reluctant detective as he is actually a sport agent and do detective work as favor. 

J. K. Rowling still got the magic

What so special about Career of Evil is that she created a character with disability but still able to go about his work and work the case. Cormoran Strike is an amputee. His limitation is part of the charm. This reminds of Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon. 

New found (for me) David Baldacci 

David Baldacci has created two characters that I like a lot. Amos Decker and John Puller. Amos is big fat detective who has hyperthymesia after a football injury. He remembers everything. John Puller is a military investigator who deal with things with military related cases. The stories themselves are good with more detective works than actions. 


Gregg Hurwitz wrote movie like story

Gregg Hurwitz created Evan Smoak, an ex dark op government agent. The story has the feel of a movie and it would probably become one as it is more action oriented. 

13% of books read are YA 


Why? Young adult fictions are good because they are direct, simple, engaging aka not pretentious.  


David Williams write really good story more for young teens. The story is about life like the one in The Boy in the Dress. It is not necessary transgender story or drag queen story. It is more of a boy wanting to wear dresses and the courage and support to do so as part of his freedom. While we opposed putting stress on women and girls to cover themselves up in bag cloth, we kind of restricted boys and men in dresses and looked at them differently, and not in a nice way. This could change when we look at gender differently, with more open mindedness and respect for individual freedom of expression. 

Derek Landy is a good story teller when it come to teenager in a demon world. The most attractive feature of Landy story is the humor. The story itself is a fantasy when in Demon Road, a 16 year old Amber found out that she is a demon and her parents wanted to eat her. The on-the-run story is fun. 


16% illustrated books 


10 % children books, 6 % graphic novels. All of them are illustrated books. I like  Oliver Jeffers a lot. Oliver is a painter and he used his skill to write and illustrated children books. They are beautiful books. Just like them a lot. The graphic novels read is because of Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy. The movies were out and I need to study. 

5% Stinker this year

Anne Rice's The Wolves of Midwinter, Jonathan Franzen's Purity, Jennifer Weiner's Goodnight Nobody and Nnedi Okaorafor's Binti. Anne Rice work is such a disappointment, it is going nowhere. Purity is came highly recommended and it is so boring. Jennifer Weiner wrote such a boring, whinny story that give a bad name to all chick-books. Nnedi work stinks of religion, and half-ass idea make this work not readable. 

More books
Looking forward to more books reading this year. Tried to expand my taste of books and got a to-be-read pile waiting for me. Want to read more non-fiction but need escape more than ever. Books are best escape as it really got a reader than a TV watcher.