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Amos Decker solving a murder

The Fix - David Baldacci

The murder taken place in front of the HQ of FBI, the Hoover Building.


The victim is dead and gunman committed suicide.


But why?


Decker just happened to be there and saw the whole thing.


Now finding out why is more difficult. 


The plots were based on old habits of the bad guys. Interesting but not so much as we moved to the digital age. 


the danger is there and there supposed to be clues. But where and what and how and why.


The here and there is interesting to read, not so much when taken a step back as there are loopholes.


Never mind about that as we know the bad guys are not so smart or they would able to do damage and killed the lead characters.


That what I like about story. We know that the main characters are not easy to be killed. And the bad guys are not smart enough for the good guys. Not so in real life as real life is way more chaotic. 

Amos has a best friend Max. He is the one he saved in the last book that I have bought and have not read yet. I like the more realistic tone to Amos being a bit out of shape and Max is there to help him. 


Brown is a new character that helped a bit with building tension. 


All good. 


Fun read. 4.5 stars solid.