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Harry is after a killer with sharp teeth

The Thirst - Jo Nesbø, Neil Smith

The twist in the end keep me up and didn't let me go to sleep.

Harry was now a teacher at a Police College and not a detective any more at the start of the story. He is happily married with a stepson. 


Then a killer starts killing women in horrible bloody way. Katrine is now head of crime squad. Bellmen the Chief of Police. Of course Bellman would blackmail Harry to come back and solved this. 


Truls is being an ass and leak information to the magazine VG for money.


One of the hunting ground of the killer is Jealousy Bar. 


The story is about Thirst and Jealousy. 


Thirst for the bottle. Harry no longer drink and go to bar that refuse to serve him drinks. 


Jealousy and the wants for recognition seems to motivate people to do bad things. 


Then the killer revealed himself to Harry. Targeted him and draws him in the game. 


The tension is added when Harry thought that the killer is targeting his family. 


Finally, Harry figured it out.  


Harry now knows that man behind the killing. But there is no evidence, and the clever killer already found a scapegoat. 


He setup a Monkey trap for the killer to reveal himself. 


Just in case anyone forget what a Monkey trap is: 

Image result for monkey trap


Of course it put Harry in danger. 


Read the book, it is that good.