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Shock Doctrine takes 2 and fingers crossed

No Is Not Enough - Naomi Klein

The first 200 pages of the book is just repeating shock doctrine at the time of Trump election win.


The last 100 pages is the new stuff. But by that time, I have pretty much lost interest in what she is going to say.


Still a logic book but I have a bit of disagreement. 


Brushing over what the liberal have done to Clinton during election and allow that jerk Trump win, that's not just the far right is good at getting the right vote and the people who don't usually vote, voted for Trump. It is also reflect quite badly on the left and it typical not united front. 


Identify politic is bullshit and it is what make people so difficult to work with each other on the left. 


Being kind is good. But think of where the refugee is from and how they could take up the host country value toward women, children, gay is just not realistic. And seeing through rosy lens just wouldn't do.


With that said, she did try to give a message of hope. Based on there are just good people in the world.


But after reading this book, I still feel quite despair. 


For readers who haven't read Shock Doctrine might like this more. For me, it is just boring.