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The Last Mile - David Baldacci

Melvin Mars is now out of jail and helping in the investigation of the murders of his parents. 


Amos Decker is helping, even if FBI is being called off the case.


So who framed Melvin for the murder? 

The play is around football. Melvin's parents were hiding from some bad guys who wanted to harm them. 


The clues include why Mars' parents were shot in the head and set on fire. And why Montgomery wanted to confuse to this killing right before Mars was scheduled to be executed. 


And why Montgomery's wife has money to spend before getting the insurance money. 


There are a lot of questions. Right in the middle, Amos Decker made some wild speculations. This is a plot device as the clue is running into dead end. The way Amos Decker detect is go after all the details where is no clue. Interview everyone and see what come up.


Kind of not so systematic.

Only one guy really threatened Amos life, and he is linked to the killing.  

Solid 4 stars