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Amos Decker freed Melvin Mars and got a best friend

The Last Mile - David Baldacci

Another good one. 


This is the 2nd book in the Amos Decker series, happened right after Amos got the offer to join the FBI. 


And it is a good one. Amos Decker found out a fellow footballer was on death row and think he is innocent. 

Turned out he is, and is free after another person on death row confused to the crime he is accused of. The interesting bits is about how a man feel being wrongly jailed for twenty years, and how he feel about not being loved by one parent at all.


Melvin Mars was jailed for killing his parents. He didn't. He was framed. 


Who framed Melvin Mars? That's the part Amos found out together with Melvin Mars.


But that's not complex enough to be a Amos Decker story. It has to be a twist in the plot with more bad guys and some conspiracy. 


That's what happened. A lot of bad guys who threatened Amos Decker's life. 


And of course he is not afraid for himself. But he is worried that the bad guys going to harm other persons in his FBI team.


So... he got help from Mars and solved the case. Sometimes friendship is form when one see the other guy willing to risk his life for the truth. 


Solid read. Pretty nice. The book right after this is The Fix. Another good one.