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John Puller and Robert Puller team-up

The Escape - David Baldacci

John Puller has a brother who is in prison for a crime of treason. 


The good brother Robert escape from prison. 


Originally, he was ordered by his CO to not investigate the escape. 


That John got a visit from 3 generals that ordered him to do just the opposite. He is order to investigate the escape. 


For John, this is a puzzling development 


He wanted to believe his brother's innocent. But the evidence is a against him.


So why an innocent person run? 


He is being paired up with Knox from another agency. And John did not trust her. But it is in his nature to tell the truth and be nice and up standing to another he is order to work with. So he shared information with Knox, only to find Knox has lied to him. 




A dead man was found in prison on the night of his brother escape. It is very likely that his brother killed him.


But why? Who is the person? 


The dead guy is not in any data base John has access to. So, it is very likely that he is a foreign agent. 


The more they investigated, the more persons died that are linked to the case. 


A general was found died in John's room. 


Then he found out the two witnesses in his brother court martial trail might be lying in court to frame his brother.


The more John investigate, the more convinced that he is of his brother innocent. And John regret not looked into this sooner. 


In the meantime, John got kidnapped and was warned off the case. 


Then he received a message to tell him not to trust Knox. 


Then his brother contacted him. The two brothers reunited again. To investigate and to find out why all the dead bodies. What is the game plan? 


Then the story take a turn to WMD investigation in the past and the current possible terrorist attack. 


How many plot twists could nicely fit into a 600+ pages book.


Knowing that they have to find the terrorist's plan is important. 


Putting a reason for treason, be it money or blackmail is also added elements. 


Then a completion with confrontation with the baddies. 


That's make pretty good story. Kind of satisfactory. Would make a good movie or mini series. 


5 stars read.