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Nick Stone is being hunted

For Valour - Andy McNab

Nick Stone story. Many chapters. The ending has twist. The good about this one. The story is a mystery. A good friend died and left a son who serve in the army. Now the son is in trouble and was charged for manslaughter when his friend died in a training exercise. His other good friend Trev is tellhing him that Sam was being set up. Now they started to investigate who is covering this up. The problem is, they were being chased, and shot at. The not so good bits about the book. The story is a bit too jumpy, more or less like a boring episode of amazing race. Being chased is not tension enough if one does not know who chase them. Or were not prepare enough for the chase. It is more like a incident report instead of good story telling when there are not much dialogue or interaction between characters. So, even the story is fine, it is not as enjoyable. We still not know how Nick Stone would react to tihngs. He also got beaten up a lot. The reader like me, need to care much more about the characters in order to get into it. Still, the story is about some misguided notion of honor. Really not a motivation. Conclusion Readable. Like a B action movie. 4 Stars.