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The truth is life changing

The Stranger - Harlan Coben

A stranger told Adam the truth about his wife, that she has faked her pregnancy to get him stay in the same town.


Adam confronted his wife. Now she is gone and left a text saying she needed some time alone. 


Adam, not forgiving his wife, but loves her too much to give up on her chase after his wife.


More people were blackmailed for secrets that they don't want anyone to know.


Revealing of secrets need maturity, something that these characters lack of right now. 


So where is Adam's wife?


Now more characters are looking into the secret and secrets teller calling himself the Stranger. 


Johanna is a detective who is now helping Adam


Good that she is there. More cheats and lies and truth. 


Actually, a pretty good story based on truth and lies. Just not totally there as all of the characters lack something that make them more likable. 


A solid 4 stars read.