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February Wrap-up

6 books read this month. 3 of them are graphic novels. 


4.5 stars read


Lucifer Vol. 2: Children and Monsters - 'Dean Ormston', 'Ryan Kelly', 'Peter Gross','Mike Carey'  Lucifer Vol. 2: Children and Monsters - 'Dean Ormston', 'Ryan Kelly', 'Peter Gross','Mike Carey'  


What can I say... it is Lucifer. The Lucifer created by Neil Gaiman from the Sandman series. Lucifer is charming and he is neither good or bad. He is honest and direct and devious without being malicious.


And he is not stupid. 


In this book, it is actually of several stories. I missed the first volume so it is a mystery to me why Lucifer was walking in the desert naked, and run into monsters. He is on a mission and he needs his wings. His wings is kept by the monsters in the windowless castle. 


Now the monsters are acting both like Japanese royals and British upper class. The setting has the same feel to it. 


So they invited Lucifer in and treated him as guest why plotting to not let him take his wings. 


A wrong decision and they would come to regret. 

Very enjoyable read.


Another 4.5 stars read is a Will Robie story. 

The Guilty (Will Robie) - David Baldacci  The Guilty (Will Robie) - David Baldacci  


David Baldacci is another very reliable writer. He is very skill in character creating and consistency. Robie is an assassin who is good at one thing. Now he run into psychological problem and it interfered with his ability to do his job. 


So his boss, the Blue Man, send him home. There is bad news too. His father, a man he hasn't spoken to for many years, was in custody and standing trial of murder. 


So, he went home and reluctantly get involved with the investigation. It does not help that his father is not cooperative. 


The tension is there. The father is a bit violent, and stubborn. The relation didn't get any better until his father asked Robie if he is working for the good of the country. 


A bit of patriotism in the book, the only bit that explained the drive and the guilt free killing, It is still mild enough to make it tolerable.  


Of course, there are bad guys who come out from the woodwork. Bad guys hired by the real killer. The ending is a bit of a surprise. 


Still very good writing and good plots driven story. 


The rest are all 4 stars read.


Lucifer, Vol. 3: A Dalliance With the Damned - Ryan Kelly,Dean Ormston,Peter Gross,Mike Carey  Lucifer, Vol. 3: A Dalliance With the Damned - Ryan Kelly,Dean Ormston,Peter Gross,Mike Carey  


Lucifer in this volume and went back to Lux. And now he has a new toy. A gateway to other dimension.

So he used this opportunity to recreate the garden of eden and put two persons there. But instead of acting like a dictator like his father, he gave them freedom. Worshiping is not necessary. 


There is no rule. But of course, the man is tempted to create their own stupid rule and ruined everything. 


A good read. But perfect as some stories seems not be going anyway in particular. 


Still a solid 4 stars read. 


The Empire of a Thousand Planets: Valerian Vol. 2 (Valerian and Laureline) (Volume 2) - Jean-Claude Mézières,Pierre Christin  The Empire of a Thousand Planets: Valerian Vol. 2 (Valerian and Laureline) (Volume 2) - Jean-Claude Mézières,Pierre Christin  


Valerian graphic novel. I watched the movie and like it a lot. And wanted to know how the graphic novel is like. 


Not bad. Interesting as it is a period piece. The two space agents are flirting. And the strange and new were just reflecting what was foreign to them. 


Still a fun read. 


For Valour - Andy McNab  For Valour - Andy McNab  


A Nick Stone story about a friend who died during a mission. And this friend left a young son at home. So, a few friends were keeping tab on the boy and see how he is. 


The boy was in trouble. That got Nick involved with Trev. There are many short chapters and a bit of running around. The cohesiveness was a bit off because of the interruption of back stories. 


There is a training exercise, and a person was dead. The friend's son was charged for manslaughter.


The jumping around bit is a bit much. A lot of bad guys coming out from practically nowhere and threatened him.


Now he know there is a bigger conspiracy evolved. And the ending has a twist. Enjoyable. 


The Stranger - Harlan Coben  The Stranger - Harlan Coben  


A story about lies and truth.


A stranger came into the bar and told a man that his wife has faked a pregnancy to make him turned down a promotion that required relocation.


That's the first lie revealed. 


it turned out to be a blackmailing team that threatened the liars in revealing the truth if they don't pay up.


Now who is behind this.


The man's wife, after being confronted with the truth, disappeared. The rest of the book is the man's way to find his wife. 


Pretty interesting stories about truth and lies. Solid 4 stars read.




6 books in a month. A bit slow. Need more time for reading.