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Jack the Journalist found his brother's killer

The Poet - Michael Connelly

Jack McEvoy had a brother Sean, his twin, who was a cop.


He killed himself in a car. Only Jack had a hard time believing that.


So he started his own investigation as a journalist, to write the story, in trying to find his brother's killer. 


Rachel is a FBI agent who tried to find out what Jack's got.


And he got something that lead the FBI to investigate other cop suicides similar to his brother. And then convinced that instead of killing themselves, someone else has murdered him.


The story also lead to pedophiles. The killing is in pair. A child was abused and both the child and his abuser got killed. 


Rachel is working with Jack, that got Rachel's ex, who is a FBI agent, pissed at Jack.


The story got twist. Who is the killer and how to find him.


There were some luck breaks. One is someone broken in the killer's car, and stolen a radio. Now the radio would be traced back to the car model.


The technology used are old, like fax and modem, and paid phone. The story would be different with the current technology. 


That's did't change the story. Still really good. Especially putting Jack on the spot on who to trust. And the delicate relations between the journalists and the cops. 


5 stars read.