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Robie and Reel team up

The Hit - David Baldacci

Reel has killed her handler and runaway.


Robie is tasked to find her.


While hunting her, more mystery death. 


Reel saved Robe life when he was pinned down.


Then Robie returned the favor. 

When they could not trust anyone but the Blue Man, they have to team-up and rely on each other to do what they do best. Escape at tight spot and killed whoever is out to get them. 


It is a fun ride. A lot of details into a conspiracy on high level.


As usual, they are really good at their job. 


The underlying of the story is good too. 


Robie is more human than he admitted to himself. He kept in touch with FBI agent Vance and now Julie, the teenager who he saved. 


So he has to care in order to keep him human. Being a killer and effective does not mean losing is humanity. 


Overall, a good story.