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The movie is based on the book with the same name. 

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline  Ready Player One - Ernest Cline  

The movie is awesome and quite loyal to the book.


The reason is probably because Ernest Cline is the script writer. Stephen Spielberg as director would also be the reason. 

It is a wonderful movie. Couldn't find a 3D tickets and have to settle for 2D instead. So I bought vibrating seats. 


Kids live in virtual world and make virtual friends. Adults who are not in the game world wouldn't really get why is it so important to the kids, and why playing fair is so important. 


The movie reminded us of the good games we had played with friends, real life or online. And the skills we got that couldn't be used in real life at all, probably because it would not work.


I love the part when he used virtual fight skills to beat the bad guys who had all the money to buy the extra equipment but lack the game time experience to actually use them. 


The going into movie part is really good time. Like it a lot. 

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