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Young Zak got trained as an agent

Agent 21 - Chris Ryan

Zachary's parents were killed in a mass poisoning. 


He was left with his aunt who didn't like him or wants the responsibility. 


He now being target to a Bourne like agent who faked his death and trained him as a agent at 13.


The training part is okay. But to treat a boy that young with such intensity and taken away his freedom, that he couldn't go back to his old life is a bit much.


His being an agent is only like a boy trying to please the adult around him. Unlike adults, couldn't use normal incentive to draw him in. He has an account but he only want some toys. He is not old enough to need to spend any real money yet. 


So what is his motive? 


To get a new family, to be adopted with someone who care for him.


That's the part is not so great. There is not enough moment to show him that he is wanted as a child.


His trainers fit the bill. Still not enough moments build in to justify that one.


So he got close a drug lord by befriending his son. 


That's part is easy enough. Again, the teenager is pretty good by Cruz not liking him even after Zak saved his life. 


Found a mistake. Cruz should have called Zak Harry Gold, his undercover identity. But one of the dialogue outed him.


The rest is pretty good. A bit too typical. Like a B teenage young spy movie. 


4 stars.