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End Game - David Baldacci

Blue Man is missing.


Robie is tasked to find him. He is not investigator, but he care about Blue Man.


Reel is also tasked to work with Robie. Reel is pissed at Robie for some reason.


Blue Man went fishing, then went missing. They went to where he fished. Found his ex gf and know some other bad guys being active in the area. Skinheads and religious nutjobs.


Reel and Robie got into the trouble when helping a woman Holly and his skinhead bf Luke.


Holly is the sister of the local sheriff. 


Now they are in way more trouble when they got the attention of the skinheads who tried to kill them. 


They got rescue by undercover agent. 


Robie almost got killed. 


Kind of a strange story when there isn't a lot of honest people in town. The charm of the small towns not there.