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Finding Blue Man

End Game - David Baldacci

Blue Man is missing while on vacation. 


Robie and Reel are tasked to find him. 


The excuse of keeping it in house is a bit weak, but that's explained why the agency only sent two agents to find the man.


He knows secrets and he might be in danger. 


That brought Robie and Reel to Blue Man hometown.


The not so good part is Reel is acting strange toward Robie. 


Robie as being Robie knows something is wrong but not really know how to get the truth out of Reel. 

Robie is not that articulate, and Reel is worst. The thing is, Robie is task orientated and not that complicated. 


Even after we know how screwed up his childhood is for Robie by having a horrible father. 


Reel last mission is brutal and she is suffering from surviver guilt. 


The bad guys are skinheads. Who picked fights and have guns. Not a problem for Robie. And there are more people missing. Witnesses to a mass kidnapping with captives being transported in van.


Robie and Reel is trying to find the Blue Man. Yet got distracted with helping a couple, Holly and Luke to runaway from the skinheads.


And they met a woman who was once engaged to the Blue Man.


Things got interesting. Molly the town sheriff is having a fling with Robie. 

Robie and Reel obviously have feeling for each other. It is hard to be that close to someone and rely so much on a person for not having some sort of feeling for the person. 

Is it love? Humans are animals. And for survival, it is good to pair up with the one who one could reply on for survival. Good match. 


More interesting still when Reel frozen up while being chased by bad guys. 


Robie step-in and saved them both. Reel is having trouble and Robie has similar doubt on his ability before.


Old missile site is being bought up and turned into luxurious survival real estate. One could survived bombing in a silo with steel doors and build in security. 


So what's going on in there. 


Then everything come together. Missing Blue Man and others, silo and the skinheads. 


All in one big pot of bad guys with Robie and Reel being captured. 


The sick game of manhunt with uneven odd. 


If the writer is not ready to kill of the main characters, then it is fun to read how the main characters survive this one. 

As for characters development. Reel shows her vulnerable side and how she struggle to deal with survival guilt and how she feel about Robie and how much it would hurt if she loses him. That's wouldn't change if they are together or not. Robie is struggling with his feeling too. He act like a horny guy who has sex with one woman while thinking of another woman. Don't know where the writer is going with that. As for Blue Man, not so much as a machine now that we know more about his background. As for character development, Blue Man is acting like a man who accept his actions, which is a good thing even if the actions lead to grief. 


Still. It is a good and fun reading. 


4.5 stars.