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Jack is a supsect of murder

Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4) - James Patterson

hJack ex-gf Colleen is found dead on his bed. She was killed right before he got off the plane and get home. He didn't discovered her body until he finished his shower.


He called his team. 


After confirming that he didn't kill the friend, they gather a few evidence and proceed to start investigation. Jack is not the no. 1 suspect. 


The police is gunning for his arrest as the lead inspector Tandy dislike him a lot. 


Another case is on going, David, a young actor was accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. 


If that is not complicated enough, a body was found in a hotel, and it is not the first time. Knowing how negative publicity would kill the hotel business, Jack team, Private, is hired to find the serial killer active in the hotel. 




A lot of short chapters, not a style I prefer. Yet the plot is moving along fine. 


The shortcoming would be, there isn't enough clue to the readers to find some of the killers. 


The serial killer in the hotel, the clue is to commonality of the cases. Hiring sex worker is the key to find how it is link back to all the previous victims. 


David case is even worst. We didn't find out who he really is, and only know that he is surrounded by agents who spoiled him. 


And for Jack, the surprising part is that Jack did have sex with her recently, and he is currently dating Justine. 


Not that loyal in that regard. 


Then all the cases were solved on belated clues and then a chase to get to the killers.


Not a bad read. But not really my thing.  Prefer more characters development and some depth, or at least some good old fashion plot twist. There isn't much here.