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Alex is 14 and he is a spy

Scorpia - Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider is a spy when he found out that his uncle was killed in Stormbreaker. 


Now he is a spy and going back to school. He want to catch up with his homework and school. Now he has a chance to go to a field trip in Venice and found out that a secret organization Scorpia. 


Scorpia is an assassin organization with a beautiful and beautiful woman on the board. Alex just happened to get into their party, and then almost got killed. 


This beautiful woman turned out to know Alex's father John. The secret is out when she shown a video on how his father was killed by the people he know in MI6. 


Alex joined the organization as an assassin trainee for a few weeks. When he found by the trainer to lack of killer instinct, he was sent to killed the team leader Mrs Jones, the one who had killed his father. 


So he did found Mrs Jones and failed to kill her. Mrs Jones told Alex of an alternative story of the death of his father. Alex then regret to have joined the bad guys in the first place and now he was sent back to the bad guys as an undercover agent. 


The plan is to stop the team to kill children in Britain in the scheme to force the government to un-friend the American gov. 


The back and forth and running around is a lot of fun. The plot twist is good too. Overall, a very readable book.


The ending left with a cliff hanger. Good one.