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Alex foiled a kidnapping

Ark Angel  - Anthony Horowitz

Alex was shot and hospitalized. 


He be-friended a kid in the next room, sort of.


When the kidnappers come to kidnap this kid, he taken his place and got kidnapped.


He escaped. Almost got killed. 


The kid's father is very rich and brought Alex along for a vacation. 


The kid has a lot of toys but no friend as he was not attending school and doesn't have a social life. 


Alex become his friend, sort of.


When they travel, the CIA was onto them. 


The guy was a bad guy. And there is a plane to found a space hotel called Ark Angel. But then there is something fishy going on.


There is also a new eco-terrorist group Force Three. 


Alex was just finding out the rich guy is a bit ruthless and like to win. And the son Paul was a disappointment. 


The rest is a bit strange. The book I got is a bit wrong as the pages were cut off at the wrong place. But I gathered that the Ark Angel was a failed project and it would not make money. 


CIA wants this guy. And send a kid to gather information. 


Too bad the rich guy had some insider who know who Alex really is. 


Now he is in danger and then put into more danger to try to defuse a bomb in space.


The outrageous plot is fun. As it is impossible to do all that in real life, as it would not make much sense. But in a pre-teen to teen world, it is fun ride. 


Alex is only 14. And he would not use weapon or anything. But he would fit into small spaces and could get into group that is more guarded against strangers. 


Fun read.