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Snakehead - Anthony Horowitz

Holy crap! 


Why are the adults so nasty to Alex? 


He is a boy. A minor. A teen. 


After he defused a bomb in Ark Angel, he now fall back to Earth and taken up by the American in Australia.

And they tried to use him and test him instead of taking care of him.


Why be so mean to a boy? I know it is a plot device to get Alex to take up dangerous mission. But this time, it is going a bit too far. 


In the military, or any kind of team work, trust is a very important element. One could not have agents to stay loyal to the cause if they do not trust their team to watch their back.



Hope it get better. Alex is a fun character to read. And it tell story of young spy. Not a new theme but an interesting one. Teenagers like imaginary danger at a safe distant. That's why shooting games are such fun. 


Now he is being coerced into a mission in Asia.