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Alex is being thrown into new mission in Asia

Snakehead - Anthony Horowitz

Alex being thrown into another mission after he fall back to Earth from last mission from space. 


Poor kid. The Australian intelligent agents are really mean adults who have no concept of how to take care of a kid. 


Alex is only 14 and he is a kid. A very capable kid but a kid nevertheless.


Poor kid is being tested by the agent to see how he handle dangerous situation. 




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That's how I feel about this. 


Although it turned out he is in no real danger, by the word of one of the agent. How to deal with psychological damage? 


The underlying plot is that he has to be put into situation that he has to have his wits to get out of very dangerous situation. 


And to do that, most of the adults are untrustworthy and mean.


That's not really a good character development for Alex. How could be grow up to be mentally healthy if all the adults around him didn't care if he live or die, as long as he is useful. 


That's kind of cold. I got into this series by chance and want to know how it ends. It is fun read and exciting in parts. 


Now, he has to team up with Ash, an agent, to find the Snakeheads, human trafficking criminals. 


These people are bad. And he got mixed up in it. 


The subplot is that his cover already blown. But who tell the bad guys who he is?


The ending is the the reveal.


MI6 got involved and gave him some necessary tools. These tools also help to tell him who actually betrayed his trust and put him in danger. 


A little bit dark and sad because of how is being treated by the bad guys and the Australian intelligent agency. Still, it is fun read as it created as world of spy and bad guys and a teenager being effective to take down the bad guys. 


4 stars.