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Scorpia Rising  - Anthony Horowitz

The setting up is much better in this one. 


Scorpia has a new management. The new bad Razim is psychopath. And he planned to get back the bad ass reputation of Scorpia after two big failures. He also attributed the failures to Alex Rider. 

He planned to set up to reveal that MI6 is using a teenager as a bargaining chip to blackmail the British government to give back some Greek statues to Greek as part of a paid request from a new client. 


Alex Rider is now back to school. He got taller and now 15 year old. He had visited Sabina and they are still together. He had planned with Tom Harris, his best friend. 


All that changed when a sniper take a shot at him at school and Tom got hurt in the process. 


Now Mrs Jones and Blunt had him in mind for a new mission in Cario. That is a secret code and there might be a threat to an international school in Cario. 


Now that Alex is in danger in school. They suggested to enroll him to a school in Cario instead to keep an eye on things and keep him safe. 


Now Jack is going with him this time.