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Alex is threatened and thrown into a mission in Cairo

Scorpia Rising  - Anthony Horowitz

Razim is a bad guy, a psychopath that recently joined Scropia. 


He wanted a few things, to build up the reputation of Scorpia for being the big bad again. He wanted to use Alex Rider to humiliate the British government. And he knew the past failure is the mistake of people undermining Alex Rider because he is a teenager. 


Not again. He wanted to setup Alex Rider for his plan and killed him in the process.


The MI6  fall for it. And so Alex Rider was against sent on a mission. This time, with hie only trusted adult Jack.


Julius  is a clone who was supposed to replace replace a rich kid. It turned out the rich kid is not a rich kid at all. It was Alex Rider cover identity. And the way he had gone through surgery to make him look like Alex pissed him off. He was prisoner seven. He escaped from jail with the help of Scorpia. 


The trap is set. And Alex is in real trouble. 


This book is much darker than the previous one. Alex usually got into danger because the adults in MI6 or CIA were bad decision makers who don't care about the life and safety of a orphaned teenager. 


After a few brush with death, Alex was still a kid and the darkness he experienced hasn't really cast shadow in his personality. 


Not this time. 



It would be surprised that he is not suffering from PTSD and grief. Alex was just one very good and skill and unfortunate kid. His mental state would be like a kid who had survived the war zone. 


Good one. With interesting plots. 


Including the bad guy Razim telling Alex his evil plan right before he executes them.


Enjoy reading this one.