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Joe Gardner got played

Chris Ryan Extreme: Hard Target: Faster, Grittier, Darker, Deadlier - Chris Ryan

Joe Gardner was in the SAS until he got hurt and lost his arm. 


And being an one armed man just wouldn't cut it in active duty.


Now he got a call from an ex-SAS John Bald and said he needed his help.


So he got there as fast as he could, only to find John was with another ex military who was a bit crazy. Hand is bad news.


And he found out that he got played. They needed him to be in the team to make some illegal deal.


So he got out. And then got recruited by M16 guy Joe Land.


Only to find more bullets coming his way.


That's about it. 


Oh, and he go a woman spy that he got hookup. 


The overall story is a bit like a B action movie. Not bad. But not really that great either.


The lack of development between characters is the main defect of the story. 


Plus everyone seems to be the bad guy and untrustworthy. That's seriously fucked up. 


To make the readers care about the characters, need more motivation than just being in action. 


The handicapped part is interesting, but not being used enough.


How he adjusted to life after service is also important. The story make it feel like real life is too boring for this ex-military guy.


The details part is pretty good. What type of guns were used and so all. 


B movies all the way. With car crash, and bomb. The Russians are involved too. 


The book left with a clip hanger. Not really that good as I haven't got time to care about the characters yet. 


4 stars.