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The Scarecrow - Michael Connelly

The story picked up speed. Now that Jack and Rachel teamed up again. 


Rachel was forced out of her job because she used an excuse of an interview to recrue Jack. 


Now she is out. Jack invited her to continue the investigation. Jack is not going to stop writing about this case. He was pissed that he was forced out of the byline because he became the target of the serial killer. That he was ordered to be interviewed by his fellow journalists instead of writing the story himself. 


He had made the connection. Now he know where the killer is from, or at least his work location. 


He is going after the killer to prove he is right. 


The killer knew they knew too. 


This is one seriously calculated killer. Red herring works when no one knows it is the red herring. 


They visited the data center in the pretends on working for a law firm. Which is a half truth. Jack was paid one dollar to work for the law firm to bypass the procedure for interviewing a person in jail. Jack has presented the findings to the lawyer earlier and think it would get him out of jail. It did. 


Jack, with the authorized letter get himself a visit to the data center where the killer is. And the tour lead to a finding. A recently fired employee Fred Stone. 


Fred Stone is the red herring. 


After seeing the delivery of Fred Stone's property to his house. Rachel called it in. She is convinced that Jack's instinct in connecting the data center with the killings.  The FBI got involved. 


Rachel has bargineed her job back. FBI wants the findings to be an agent's work instead of soon-out-of-a-job journalist. FBI wants the credit. 


Plus they want Jack to hold the story, for at least 24 hours. With the bad relationship the bureau has with Jack, the only way to convince him to comply is Rachel.


So, the FBI got 36 hours. 


Jack starts writing the story. It is juicy and frontpage stuff.


The killer knew the FBI is on to him. 


More action coming as the killer is closing in to Jack and Rachel. 


A 100 more pages to go, This is good. And I wonder why Connelly didn't continue this series. 


I hope he didn't killed off the main characters. I would find out soon enough.