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Jack and Rachel team-up again to catch killer

The Scarecrow - Michael Connelly

Jack was being downsided. 


He got a pink slip. A 12 days notice before clearing his desk.  He also needed to train his replacement Angela Cook, a very green journalist. 


A woman was found in car trunk, dead and naked. Jack reported it and was harassed by a caller who claimed the guy was innocent. 


Fingerprint found in the car pointed to a person who admitted that he has stolen the car, but didn't kill the woman. 



When he got into the investigation, he got his credit card cancelled, his bank account cleared out. And his email to his editor and Angela got lost. 


He didn't know why so he called the person he trust, Rachel Welling, the FBI that he worked before in catching the Poet. 


Rachel was not that enthusiastic at first, but after he told her what bad luck he had in the last 24 hours, Rachel knew he was being isolated and someone is seriously wrong.


So she used an excuse for an interview at Ely to fly over to Jack to find out more.


With his luck, he did run into the killer. The killer was just about the take action, before he was being deterred by Rachel. 


Quickly, they put together the clue that lead to another case. Another case in common with the current one. Another car trunk murder. 


In both cases, an alternative suspect was offered up and no one has made the linkage until now.


Jack made a discovery on how his email being hacked and bank account manipulated. 


Angela was the one who has done the initial search for trunk murder and she has fallen into a IP trap. This trap has alerted the killer of their discovery. 


Tracking this site that trap Angela and Jack. Rachel is able to track back to a data center. 


It is a very clever setup. 


They are seeking help from the data center. When they found another clue that lead to think it might be someone who linked to these murders might be working in the Data Center.


At the first half of the book, the killer was having the upper hand and doing the killing and chasing. 


In the middle, when more discovery happened, the killer was set on the run and made desperate move. 


The killer is clever. And there might be more than one. 


The cat and mouse game is really good. The development between Jack and Rachel is good too.


It run really smoothly, and it is a really good read. Unputdownable read. 


That's why I gave it 5 stars.