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I, Michael Bennett - James Patterson

James Patterson is a very famous writer that I have not started reading until very recently. This is the second book I have on shelf, and not sure if it is a good representation of his work. As this is a co-authored with Michael Ledwidge.

First 100 pages. 


There is a big bad. He is coming to to town for a meeting.


This is the one chance that the police, and the NEA to get this big bad drug lord.


And Michael Bennett is right in the middle of it. 


He caught the guy, but with great loss as his best friend was shot and killed during the shootout. 


Now the big bad is in custody and ordered to send message with guns to those involved by showing up in the wake.


Isn't there rule anymore? 


The not so good part of it is scene at church and such. Not related to the story and make the character more stupid to have believe in fairytale. 


I got this on a book sales for USD13 for 4. So, I didn't check any review before buying. Think I might regret this as I dislike books with religious preachy tone unless it is part of the plot twist.