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The ending sucks

I, Michael Bennett - James Patterson

I should have read the reviews before buying this book.


It is crap.


The ending is so full of shit that one would feel cheated for read to the end.


The big bad escaped from the court house.


How could it happened? Are the police that useless?


Two women wanting this jerk? Seriously? There isn't much build and suddenly two women have hard on for Michael. Michael was chasing after Tara while taken Mary C for granted. 


All this setup is bullshit. No romantic. Just trying to make the main character, a sexist jerk. look better.


The only bad is that he has adopted children and they are relying on him.


There should be more insight in the working of the police. Or a better alternative in dealing with drugs. And all this main characters suggest is to use violence to fight violence. 


It would not work.


Regret to get this book in the first place. The threat against him should be taken more seriously from the start. There isn't much professionalism demonstrated in the story. 


Lesson learned. Check review before buying. 


OK. What's it all about.


A drug lord has came to land on US soil to attend a university gratulation. The police knew he is coming and knew he was meeting up with close friend. 


So the police and NEA ambushed him. Got him and put him in custody to stand for trial.


In the meantime, the drug lord wanted to get revenge.


Both sides seems a bit too hot headed. The overall speed is uneven. Some chapter seems not related or at least not moving the story along. 


The tension is not there. The children were supposingly in danger but no adults seems to be aware. Michael still go on a date, leaving the children alone with the nanny until 1 AM. The nanny got jealous but for no good reason as they were not even dating yet. Walked out at 2 AM. 


Adults acting silly while there is threat on the children lives seems irresponsible for these characters. 


Not a good one.