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Vega Jane adventure begins

The Finisher - David Baldacci

Vega Jane is 14 and poor, parentless with a young brother John.


The writer tried to give a otherworldly feel to the story. With light as day and session as year. 


The social structure is about upper class, working lower class and the ruling class the Council. Also, it is a sexist society where women and called female that is not as important as the male as it imply. 


She was a young worker Finishing product. The Finisher.


She discovered a lot of things about her home, which is surrounded by mysterious danger, or that what they were told. They lived their whole live in this place without going out, or allow to venture out.


There is some dangers outside the zone. Big beasts that would prey on them. 




Vega's young brother was adopted by the Council and taken from her.


Now she wants to know if life is more than this.


So she found out more about the past of herself. And the mysterious about her grandfather.


All good storytelling. 


The book picked up speed when she go through the gate to her past and know more about history.


then she was framed and need to fight a competition against young men. This is the first time women were allowed to fight along with the men and they were not trained for it. Good that she has a best friend who was champion. Delph is not just a best friend, he is also her love interest. 


And of course she has power. Girl power. 


Quite affirming.  


4 and half stars.