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The Fallen (Amos Decker series) - David Baldacci

Amos Decker lost his family not long ago. Now the niece of Alex reminded him so much of his daughter Molly. 


He is sad. And stuck in the state of mind that he think he is only good at one thing, solving murder.


The investigation continued. Finally found out who the identity of the dead bodies he found. His plan is for him to work on the murders and Alex to stay with her family.  Alex would not left him alone without backup.


Then they run into danger when someone tried to kill them. They got away with on sheer strength and Amos' ability to break thing, like door that block their way out from a burning house. Or in this case, burning trailer. 


Amos has another concussion and this affected slightly on his total recall ability. 


The ability for Amos to relate to people is limited. 


Amos is so relatable. Socialiabilty is just so difficult for some people, but that is a highly valued that put social anxious persons at a disadvantage. 


The murders he found is now related to four other murders previously happened in this small town.


Baron the fourth has a runin with the locals. They hated him just because his grandfather was rich and exploited the labours. Now he is not rich, yet still live in the old mansion his family left him.


Drug use is common as a form of escape from the harsh reality that the town is dying. 


The new logistic shipping compound is in town. Reflecting on the dying of the malls and moving the buy and selling online. So filling orders from various companies, however small, become big business.


What is loss is the many opportunities for human interaction. Now people talk to their family, many only if they have to. So called friends are just persons who click "like" or send "text" over devices. How humans move from being social to a virtual social plane without realizing they are actually isolating themselves and trusting computer run system. 


Really enjoyable read.