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Confession for an adult who like to read YA

It is summer now. The highest temperature recorded in 72 years. 34.8 Celsius. 

And a lot of my summer reading are young adult fiction. 


I actually like them.


Not just Harry Potter series. 


Not just any books of course. 


I like Alex Rider series, although it is a bit outrageous to have a 14 yr old joining MI6, it is still good stories. 


I also branching out on other stuff Alex Rider's writer has written for even younger persons. 


It is such good fun. The setup is usually shorter and there is more stuff going on in the story that is more explicit rather than hidden. If the plot is hidden too well, children would have missed it. 


It is odd to have an adult reading YA books. The world is turning to shit. Not much stuff make sense any more.


From today's news, Trump has just cancelled his meeting with North Korea Kim. Gee.... 


It just does not make sense any more. And as other older persons might look for to simplifier life, by creating a bubble around them. I choose to face the reality and occasionally escape  into a more simple YA world.  Not that there isn't bad in the YA books world, there is always a solution, or at least someone who would step up and fight the monster together. Be the monster be real monster or just symbolic, there is usually something good that comes out of it. 


A local reporter was beaten by the China law enforcement agent. And the local useless head of the city, instead of coming out to voice her concern over press freedom, asked the reporter to respect local China thug rule.




As a dying culture, being slowly killed by Chinese authority who has no respect for human right like press freedom, freedom of speech or even freedom, freedom to choose whatever television programs (so much stuff were banned in China for no good reason), it is disheartening to witness this everyday. 


Case in point. A stupid TV show is on. I said stupid, as we don't have good production of television programs. There is a lack of respect for original scripts. 


Background. Historical local drama with palace as a setting. When women use whatever mean at their disposal to compete for being the emperor's favorite. Only when you are the among the king's favorite would they be able to get pregnant by him and bore a son to get in line for the throne. 


And this is ban in China for the fear of the competitiveness for the throne is a reflection of what's going on in China. 


 Image may contain: 5 people, people standing


I need books to escape. Maybe some non-fiction in between. 


Rant for the day completed. 


Apologize in advance that more YA books reviews coming up.