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The Camel Club in action

The Camel Club  - David Baldacci

The Camel Club made up more a group of misfits that don't belong to anywhere but with each other.


The Camel Club witnessed placing of a dead body. Two persons were placing the body and they were armed. 


As they don't think anyone would believe them, they didn't go to the police. 


Now the dead body found hit the news. The dead body has a suicide note on it. So it was ruled as a suicide at first. 


But Alex found some inconsistency. As he is also a friend of Oliver Stone, a member of the Camel Club, he talked to Stone. 



The clue lead him to believe it might not be a suicide after all. The dead body belonged to a NIC agent. A very secret part of the government. 


The problem is, the two persons who place the dead is also from the same agency.


While they are investigating, a terrorist group is planning something big. 


Now they found out that more about the dead agent, drug was found in his premise. That throw the investigation off except Alex.



The setup of the story is very complex. How is the dead body linked to the terrorist group activity.


And more surprising who is orchestrate this complex plot. 


The things merge together that brought Alex and Camel Club together. 


The later part is action packed and really good.  I got a bit slow at the setup but the later part of the book makes up for it. 


5 stars read.