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The Falcon's Malteser - Anthony Horowitz

Nick Diamond is 13 and his older brother Herbert is 25, dumb person, a failed cop and a detective. 


The writer is humorous. It is so readable and got a old detective story feel to it.


It is a laugh out loud funny kind of book. 


This story starts with a job, with dwarf Johnny as a client who trusted the brothers with a package.


The package turned out to be a box of Maltesers. That is product placement and I want to buy a box now. 


Now... it turned out that the box of Maltesers has a hidden clue to a treasure of diamonds. 


Everyone want one. So cartoon like murders happened. Herbert was thrown in jail for being found at the crime scene with the murder weapons that he was too stupid not to touch. And Nick is on the run while finding out clues.