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May Wrap-up

Total number of books read: 9

Crime/Mystery/Thriller: 3

YA: 3

Graphic novel: 3 


5 stars read: 


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The Fallen (Amos Decker series) - David Baldacci  The Fallen (Amos Decker series) - David Baldacci  


The Fallen is the latest Amos Decker story. David has followed Alex on vacation. He really have no place that he wants to be, so he followed Alex home to her sister.


It is a small town but soon to be overtaken by drugs and drugs dealers. 


Of course, Decker is out of his element. While sitting outside the backyard having a beer, he discovered there might be an electrical fire in the house opposite the street. So he run over and discovered two dead bodies.


The dead bodies, one was hanged with blood pool. 


It is later to be discovered as undercover agents from DEA. 

So DEA steps and while Amos is on vacation, he still need to solve this after reporting this to the FBI. 


So the FBI steps in. 


And who is killing persons here. And who is involved in this case. In everywhere they turn, they seems to run into people who are either desperate or greedy or both, and betrayed the interests of the town. 


A few more dead bodies later, there are more clues and Amos Decker is on the case. 


Interesting read with really good story telling. A part of why this is so good is for the story to have Amos Decker suffered another head injury, a concussion that affected his perfect memory. 


He was a professional footballer before the concussion. The concussion changed him to another person who is not good at social settings but have perfect memory. Now the concussion is affecting the perfect memory, but has him regain a bit of his social skills.


Good one. Highly recommended. 


X-Men Legacy - Volume 1: Prodigal (Marvel Now) - Simon Spurrier  Legion: X-Men Legacy Vol. 2 - Invasive Exotics - Tan Eng Huat,Simon Spurrier,Paul Davidson  Legion: Son of X Vol. 3 - Revenants - Tan Eng Huat,Simon Spurrier,Paul Davidson  

 X-Men Legacy - Volume 1: Prodigal (Marvel Now) - Simon Spurrier  Legion: X-Men Legacy Vol. 2 - Invasive Exotics - Tan Eng Huat,Simon Spurrier,Paul Davidson  Legion: Son of X Vol. 3 - Revenants - Tan Eng Huat,Simon Spurrier,Paul Davidson  


All really enjoyable read.


Legion is series on David Haller who is the son of Charles Xavier.  He is a mutant with mental illness. 


He is trying to control his power, and try not to destroy the world. 


Unlike the X-Men who prefer to fight the bad guys as a team. Legion prefer to use alternative method to resolve conflict rather than using force. 


Although he is very powerful, he couldn't really control fully of his own power and draw on different split personalities in his mind to act as the frontman to do the fighting for him. 


The illustration is pretty good as well. 


As  I was drawn to the television series Legion loosely based on this series, so doubly enjoy reading this series the show is based on. 


4. 5 stars read 


The Camel Club  - David Baldacci  The Camel Club - David Baldacci  


Really slow start with a homeless man named Oliver Stone who befriended a Secret Service agent and helped him to solved solved a case.


The plot is a bit complex on how the supposed terrorists planned to do something horrible. 


Oliver Stone is part of a group called the Camel Club. Consist of eccentric members who pride themselves in doing the right thing.


It starts with them witnessing a dead body being dropped off by two persons. Two armed persons. 


And of course, they run. But not before finding out there is a suicide note attached to the person. 


So who is this dead man? 


Later on they found out the identity of the man and the agency he worked for. And uncovered a lot more.

The later part of the books with clues slowly revealing themselves, plus a lot of bullets firing them.


And we got to know this Oliver Stone real identity. 


Pretty awesome story. Just the first part is a bit too slow. 


 The Finisher - David Baldacci  The Keeper (Vega Jane, Book 2) - David Baldacci  

The Finisher - David Baldacci  The Keeper (Vega Jane, Book 2) - David Baldacci  


Hard to believe the same writer who wrote all the secret agent, FBI, assassin stories is also pretty good writing books for young adults. 


Read this out of curiosity. This is more like a girl being fooled into living in the same small town ventured out of the safety zone. 


Vega Jane lived her whole life in this place and want to get out. She also discovers magic. 


The different part of it is her fighting out what is out there. And fighting monsters and persons who tried to stop her.


The Finisher is better as there is something the mechanism of how people are being fooled into working at jobs that is completely meaningless.


The seconder book The Keeper is when Vega Jane is when she is out of the safe zone and discovered what is outside. She also interact with persons who lied and try to harm her. And good intention persons who try to rob her of her freedom. 


Pretty nice stuff. 


The Falcon's Malteser - Anthony Horowitz  The Falcon's Malteser - Anthony Horowitz  


A Diamond Brothers detective book. Pretty nice with Nick the younger brother doing most of the detective work. 


Also, the writing is humorous and it is a fun short book around 200+ pages only. This is on a treasure hunt after a gangster head has died leaving some clues to his treasure.


The clue is being entrusted to the Diamond brothers detective agency by a dwarf. 


A bit of running around being harassed and chased. Enough excitement to keep it interesting. 


Then there is this awful book.  

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0.5 stars 



I, Michael Bennett - James Patterson  I, Michael Bennett - James Patterson  


It turned me off from James Patterson.


This is the second book from Patterson. The last one isn't that bad, not great, but not bad.


This one is just plain awful. 


The preachy tone of the character. Imagine a old sexist jerk who recently widowed being preachy on what women should do. 


The concept of sexuality is so outdated that this main character needed to be sent to gender equality lectures. 


The worst part is the ending. Near the end the children of the main characters were being threatened. 


Then nothing. The end. 


Not a clip hanger. Just ended. Like the writer is tired of thinking of more stuff or tidying lost ends and then just write "the end" as the ending. 


Awful. Not likely to read anymore Patterson book ever. 





Pretty nice reading 9 books this months.  

9 books read with only one bad one. Pretty good record. 


David Baldacci is becoming one of my favorite writers as he is so trustworthy of producing really good books. 


James Patterson is on the list of never-again. 


And looking forward to more reading.