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Not a book related post - June 4th night

Last night is the 29th anniversary of June 4th memorial. 




It is a rally, a memorial, and a strange defiance against a regime that is so powerful that it could block out information on its slaughter of its own people 29 years ago. 


Last night turned out is average for this event. One hundred fifteen thousands persons show up in a rainy night. 115,000 is not a small number, but it is not the largest turn out compare to previous years. 


While in most everyday, people don't seems to care about politic or could make sense of what the Chinese government is doing, they knew that it is wrong to kill people with guns and tanks. 


One of the purpose is to be a historical witness. The massacre happened in China, and people in China is not even allow to mention this horrible event, there is no justice. So the people of Hong Kong, take up this kind of obligation to themselves to remember this until justice is done. 


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Of course they demond justice. But look at the how the Chinese government deal with people who is so gentle that they only wrote declaration and asked people to sign. That's put Liu Xiaobo in jail, and he was prevented from seeking medical assistance and had died in jail. One of the demands from the people last night is to have his widow free from the government house arrest. 


These very strange group of people also raised fund for 29 years, one fund is to go to surviving members of those who were killed in Tiananmen Square 29 years ago. The organization that do this is called Tiananmen Mothers, as it is a group of mothers who have lost their children in this horrible event, and the survivors. Letters from these persons and recording got out from China and being played on stage reminding the young and old why they are doing this. 


Another part of the funding is going to fund this event so it would continue year after year until justice is done. 


I said this is a group of strange people. Because they are very pragmatic. They knew that they were being watched by the Chinese government who want them to shut up. they also knew justice would not be done until there is a better government. And a lifetime is too short to make any headway for change. So, in the statement, people come to an understanding that it has to be passed on from one generation to the next, until this is done. And to persist over 29 years is not an easy task. They trained and educated the young. 


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The Hong Kong government is of course siding with the authoritarian regime in China. The current step is to rewrite textbooks to whitewash history. Lies are deliberately written into textbooks regarding the events 29 years ago in May and June 1989. 


If it is successful in China, that the Mainland China people could think it is all makeup story, why wouldn't it happen in Hong Kong? 


Not sure why. But it is not happening yet. A very strange group of people. Being surrounded by one hundred fifteen thousands people, each carrying a lighted candle, is a very strange and empowering feeling. The collective memory and the sense of justice is being reinforced somehow, that we are more than money making machine, and know more about justice that what is on the television. 


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