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Skeleton Key  - Anthony Horowitz

Alex's action at Wimbledon has angered some triad and they were trying to kill him. So the MI6 think it is better that he go away for awhile. 


Instead of sending him off to a safe house, the MI6 loan him out to the CiA as part of the cover for two agents. 


He was supposed to be there as cover. Not active. 


But Alex couldn't really stay away from trouble. He found out that the Gameboy {not a Switch?) is a Geiger meter hidden in it. So they are looking for nuclear material.  The two CIA agents are mean to Alex and Alex is not enjoying this at all.


The story so far is fine. A boy get into spy game. And it is obvious that Alex would be the center of action.


It make me think of what stories meant for boy readers with boys as main characters are so strong and adventurous. Books that have girls as main characters should be like that.