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Alex save the world, again?

Skeleton Key  - Anthony Horowitz

There is a dangerous man, a General, who bought a nuclear bomb from another bad guy "The Salesman". 


And this very bad person is now on his way to place the bomb.


Alex is supposed to be back to his teenage life. First he was tricked into working undercover as a Ballboy at Wimbledon and spoiled a plan to manipulate the competition result.


The good thing is, he met Sabrina, a girl who is also a friend. 


So Sabrina invited him to go on vacation with her family. 


Then found out someone tried to kill him.


So instead of keeping Alex at a MI6 safe house, they lent him out to the CIA.


Irresponsible adults made good teenage spy story.


He was going to Cuba as part of a cover with two CIA agents who dislike him on first sight. 


Could Alex safe the world again?


A good investment of reading time if one could take on face values that most of the adults in this books are not that smart, and being irresponsible for the life of a teenager.


Alex Rider as a character is being developed, with a lot of emotional baggage. First he lost his parents, then his uncle. He really don't have a lot of persons who care about him beside the caretaker Jack.


As a spy, he is pretty good at just getting curious about things and finding out stuff. That's what many persons are really, deep inside we want to know what's going on. 


With that, and quite a lot of self reflection of why he is doing what he is doing. He is kind hearted and curious in nature. And quite resourceful with the aid of spy like gadgets. 


Pretty good read. 4.5 stars.